Why I built this website?

This website celebrates 24 years since the Cluetrain Manifesto was first published. The Manifesto helped people how to think about the internet, marketing, and talking to customers. This site isn't just looking back at what was said; it's a place for everyone to think about and talk about these ideas today.

I wantedto ask: do these 95 ideas from the Manifesto still make sense in our world of social media, big data, and AI?

I made this website to start a conversations. Each theses from the Manifesto starts a discussion. I want to hear from many people: those who work in marketing, tech experts, business owners, and everyday internet users. Our site connects the old ideas from the Manifesto with what's happening on the internet now. I invite you to share your thoughts on social media, and people link the past of digital communication with its future.